Sparkle Glass Cleaner offers a unique purple formula which removes tough grease and grime without streaking. Sparkle Glass Cleaner is alcohol and ammonia-free and is perfect for use on a variety of surfaces, including window, mirrors, plexiglass, chrome, bathroom fixtures, stainless steel and microwave ovens. An old wife’s tale says to clean windows with vinegar or ammonia and newspaper, but did you ever look at your hands when you’re done? The beauty of a ready-to-use glass cleaner is its convenience – and with Sparkle Glass Cleaner that convenience includes the strength to cut even the worst household dirt and leave your windows streak-free, without the fumes of ammonia. What’s the best way to clean window with Sparkle Glass Cleaner? Be sure to use a lint-free paper towel. In areas where delicate curtain fabrics or other items are nearby you are always better off spraying the cleaner on the toweling first and wiping the window with the towel than spraying directly. Since the paper toweling tends to get wet as you do several windows, assuming you have many windows to clean, you may be able to use one window’s “drying” towel as the next window’s “wet” wiping towel to conserve paper toweling while ensuring each window gets proper treatment.