Sprayway Glass Cleaner Reviews: Pros & Cons

Sprayway Glass Cleaner Reviews

I’ll never forget the day I hosted my first big family dinner in my new apartment.

Everything was spotless except for the streaky glass coffee table in the living room.

Luckily, a friend had dropped by earlier with a can of Sprayway Glass Cleaner, swearing it would save the day.

To my surprise, it left the glass sparkling without any streaks!

That’s when I realized the power of having a reliable glass cleaner.

In this article, I’ll share my Sprayway Glass Cleaner reviews to see if it lives up to the hype.

Sprayway Glass Cleaner Reviews

Sprayway Glass Cleaner Review

Sprayway glass cleaner impresses with its foaming action, ammonia-free formula, and pleasant scent. It clings to surfaces, cleans efficiently, and leaves glass sparkling without streaks. Effective on dirt, grease, and fingerprints, it’s a reliable, fast-acting choice for spotless glass surfaces.

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Sprayway Glass Cleaner Reviews: Pros and Cons

These are the pros and cons of the Sprayway glass cleaner:


  • Foaming action: Won’t drip, reducing mess and making application easier.
  • Streak-free formula: Leaves glass surfaces sparkling clean without streaks.
  • Ammonia-free: Safe to use and doesn’t have a harsh chemical smell.
  • Effective on various surfaces: Works well on windows, mirrors, and windshields.
  • Quick-acting: Dissolves dirt, grease, and grime rapidly.
  • Pleasant scent: Leaves a clean, fresh smell after use.
  • Fingerprint removal: Efficient at removing fingerprints and other common household messes.


  • Limited to glass surfaces: It is primarily designed for glass and may not be suitable for other types of surfaces.
  • Spray can size: The can might run out quickly depending on usage frequency.
  • Availability: This may not be available in all stores, so online purchases are required.
  • Cost: It could be more expensive than other glass cleaners.

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Sprayway Glass Cleaner Reviews: Effectiveness on Different Surfaces

The Sprayway glass cleaner can be used on the following surfaces:

  1. Windows: Sprayway Glass Cleaner excels at cleaning windows inside and out. The foaming action adheres well to vertical surfaces, preventing drips and ensuring an even application. It removes dirt, dust, and grime, leaving windows crystal clear and streak-free. The fresh scent is a bonus, making window cleaning more pleasant.
  2. Mirrors: Sprayway is particularly effective on mirrors. It easily eliminates smudges, fingerprints, and water spots commonly accumulating on mirror surfaces. The ammonia-free formula ensures no harsh chemical smell, and the cleaner’s streak-free finish leaves mirrors gleaming and clear.
  3. Car Windshields and Windows: Sprayway Glass Cleaner is a top choice for automotive glass. It easily cuts through tough grime, road dirt, and even bug splatter. The fast-acting formula makes it convenient for quick cleanups, and it helps improve visibility by providing a spotless, streak-free finish. The non-drip foam is especially handy for cleaning car windows and windshields without any mess.
  4. Glass Tabletops: Glass tabletops can quickly become covered in fingerprints, spills, and dust. Sprayway Glass Cleaner makes maintaining these surfaces simple and effective. Its powerful cleaning action dissolves grease and grime, while the foam ensures thorough coverage. After wiping, the tabletop is left looking pristine and polished.
  5. Glass Doors and Shower Doors: Glass doors, particularly shower doors, can suffer from soap scum and water stains. Sprayway’s ability to dissolve these tough residues makes it an ideal cleaner for such applications. It effectively tackles hard water spots and soap buildup, restoring clarity and shine to glass doors. The streak-free finish ensures a professional look every time.
  6. Electronic Screens: While primarily designed for glass surfaces, Sprayway can also be used cautiously on electronic screens. When applied to a microfiber cloth (never directly on the screen), it can clean smudges and fingerprints from TV screens, computer monitors, and other electronic displays. Always check the manufacturer’s guidelines before use on electronics to ensure compatibility.
  7. Glass Fixtures and Accessories: Sprayway Glass Cleaner is also effective on smaller glass items and fixtures such as picture frames, light fixtures, and decorative glass pieces. Its precise application and streak-free results make it a versatile choice for various glass cleaning needs around the home.

How to Use the Sprayway Glass Cleaner

Follow these steps when using the Sprayway glass cleaner:

  1. Gather Supplies: Ensure your Sprayway Glass Cleaner and a clean, dry microfiber cloth or paper towels are ready.
  2. Prepare the Surface: Use a dry cloth or a soft brush to remove any loose dust or debris from the glass surface before applying the cleaner. This prevents scratching and ensures a more effective cleaning process.
  3. Shake the Can: Shake the Sprayway Glass Cleaner well before use. This helps to mix the ingredients properly and ensures optimal foaming action.
  4. Apply the Cleaner: Hold the can upright and spray the foam directly onto the glass surface from a distance of about 6-8 inches. Apply an even layer covering the entire area you want to clean.
  5. Let the Foam Sit: Allow the foam to sit on the surface for a few seconds. This gives it time to dissolve dirt, grease, and grime effectively.
  6. Wipe Clean: Using a clean microfiber cloth or paper towel, wipe the glass surface in a circular motion. Ensure you remove all the foam and any dissolved dirt. Use a second dry cloth to buff the surface for best results, leaving it streak-free and sparkling.
  7. Check for Streaks: Inspect the glass surface from different angles to ensure no streaks or missed spots. If necessary, repeat the cleaning process on any areas that need additional attention.
  8. Finish Up: Dispose of used paper towels or wash the microfiber cloths as needed. Store the Sprayway Glass Cleaner can in a cool, dry place for future use.

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Top Features of the Sprayway Glass Cleaner

Key Features

These are the top 7 features of the Sprayway glass cleaner:

  1. Foaming Action: Sprayway Glass Cleaner features a unique foaming action that clings to surfaces without dripping. This ensures thorough coverage and makes cleaning less messy and more efficient.
  2. Ammonia-Free Formula: This cleaner is ammonia-free, making it safe to use around the home without the harsh chemical smell typically associated with glass cleaners. It’s ideal for those sensitive to strong odors.
  3. Streak-Free Finish: The formula is designed to leave glass surfaces streak-free. This means no frustrating streaks or residue, resulting in crystal-clear glass every time.
  4. Versatile Application: Sprayway Glass Cleaner is effective on various glass surfaces, including windows, mirrors, windshields, glass tabletops, and more. Its versatility makes it a go-to solution for all glass cleaning needs.
  5. Unlike other glass cleaners, pleasant Scent: Sprayway leaves a fresh scent behind. This makes the cleaning experience more enjoyable and leaves your home smelling great.
  6. Quick-Acting Formula: The cleaner dissolves dirt, grease, and grime rapidly. This fast-acting nature means less waiting and more efficient cleaning.
  7. Effective Fingerprint Removal: It’s particularly good at removing fingerprints and other common smudges, ensuring surfaces look clean and well-maintained.

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Benefits of Using the Spraway Glass Cleaner

These are the benefits of using the Spraway glass cleaner:

  1. Easy Application: The foaming action makes applying the cleaner evenly across surfaces easy without worrying about drips, leading to a more controlled and effective cleaning process.
  2. Safe for Frequent Use: Being ammonia-free means it’s safer for frequent use around children and pets. There’s no need to worry about inhaling harmful fumes.
  3. Professional-Level Clean: A streak-free finish gives all glass surfaces a professional, polished look. This is especially beneficial for maintaining the appearance of high-traffic areas in your home.
  4. Versatility Reduces Need for Multiple Products: Because Sprayway Glass Cleaner effectively cleans various glass surfaces, purchasing multiple specialized cleaners is unnecessary. It serves multiple purposes, simplifying your cleaning supplies.
  5. Time-Saving: The quick-acting formula reduces the time spent on cleaning tasks. Dirt and grime dissolve swiftly, allowing you to move on to other activities immediately.
  6. Enhanced Visibility: For automotive use, the streak-free and grime-dissolving capabilities enhance visibility through windshields and windows, contributing to safer driving conditions.
  7. Improved Aesthetic: Consistent use of Sprayway Glass Cleaner keeps glass surfaces looking their best, contributing to a cleaner and more inviting home environment.

Comparing Spraway Glass Cleaner With Other Cleaners

This table compares the Spraway Glass Cleaner With Other Cleaners:

Features/ProductsItem FormScentUsesMaterial FeatureUnique Qualities
Sprayway Glass CleanerLiquidFreshWindow, Mirror, WindshieldAmmonia FreeFoaming action, streak-free, fast-acting
Seventh Generation Glass CleanerSpraySparkling SeasideMirror, Windows, GlassBiodegradableStreak-free, no harsh fumes, no rinse
Windex Glass CleanerLiquid, SprayNaturalGlass, WindowRecycledStarts working on smudges before wiping
Method Glass CleanerSprayMintGlass, Mirror, Tile, Window, WindowsBiodegradable, Cruelty Free, Plant BasedPlant-based, streak-free, cruelty-free
Couth Glass CleanerSprayFresh, CleanGlass, mirrors, headlights, digital screensAmmonia FreeStreak-free, residue-free, quick use

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FAQs on Sprayway Glass Cleaner Reviews

These are the most frequently asked questions about Spraway glass cleaner reviews:

Is Sprayway Glass Cleaner safe to use on tinted windows?

Yes, Sprayway Glass Cleaner is safe to use on tinted windows. Its ammonia-free formula ensures it will not damage or discolor window tinting, making it a suitable choice for home and automotive use.

Can Sprayway Glass Cleaner be used on electronic screens?

While Sprayway Glass Cleaner is primarily designed for glass surfaces, it can be used cautiously on electronic screens. Spray the cleaner onto a microfiber cloth (never directly on the screen) and gently wipe the screen. Always check the manufacturer’s guidelines for your electronic device to ensure compatibility.

Does the Sprayway Glass Cleaner leave any residue?

No, Sprayway Glass Cleaner is formulated to leave a streak-free finish with no residue. Its foaming helps thoroughly clean and polish glass surfaces, creating a sparkling appearance.

Is Sprayway Glass Cleaner safe for use around pets and children?

Yes, Sprayway Glass Cleaner is ammonia-free, making it safer for pets and children than cleaners containing harsh chemicals. However, it’s always best to use cleaning products in well-ventilated areas and keep them out of reach of children and pets.

How effective is Sprayway Glass Cleaner on stubborn grime and grease?

Sprayway Glass Cleaner effectively dissolves and removes stubborn grime, grease, and dirt. Its quick-acting formula breaks down tough residues on contact, making it ideal for use on windows, mirrors, windshields, and other glass surfaces.

Where can I purchase Sprayway Glass Cleaner?

Sprayway Glass Cleaner is widely available at various in-store and online retailers. It can be found at major supermarkets, hardware stores, automotive supply stores, and online marketplaces like Amazon. Purchasing online is a convenient alternative if it’s unavailable at a nearby store.


After exploring our Sprayway Glass Cleaner reviews, it’s clear that this product lives up to its reputation. Its streak-free formula and effortless application make it a standout choice for keeping glass surfaces sparkling clean. Whether tackling household chores or preparing for special occasions, Sprayway Glass Cleaner is a reliable ally. With its effectiveness and affordability, it’s no wonder why it’s a favorite among many. Say goodbye to streaks and hello to crystal-clear glass with Sprayway.