Dear Sparkle Folks,

"For more than a decade our award-winning residential service business, SLIDERSĀ®, has been providing the periodic maintenance for sliding patio doors in the Chicago area. The final step with each service call is to thoroughly clean every inch of the thermopane glass. We clean over 50,000 square feet of glass annually. We only use SPARKLEĀ® as it is alcohol and ammonia free... and, does the job better and faster than any other product we have tested."

Sparkle is everything you say it is. We are originally from Aurora, Il. Husband worked in all three glass shops in town: Standard, Pittsburg and Schorr, and use to bring me Sparkle from the shops. Loved it! It is the best glass cleaner on the market, and the only one that all three glass shops would ever use. For years that is the only glass cleaner our family used. Then we moved to Tennessee and nowhere could I find Sparkle until they opened a Lowe's store in town. Suddenly we could not find it on the shelves. Had to resort to the "others" none of which could hold a candle to Sparkle. Today I was fortunate to find Sparkle in Murray, Ky in a Big Lots of which I bought six bottles, one for several members of my family and myself. I do not know why we don't find this in the South as much, unless it's just our own small town. But, I hope you never stop making it. Sparkle makes it a pleasure to clean all windows and mirrors including the cars, and then some.
Thank you for a great American product!
Paris, TN                                                                     
We had to have a car windshield replaced and I asked the tech what he was using to clean the glass because it was so streak and cloudy free--and it was PURPLE! He said, "It's called Sparkle and it's the only one we use on our auto glass". Then he went to his carton and gave me a bottle and now I wouldn't use anything else. I wish WalMart carried it. I buy mine at Menards. As a fire and water restoration tech, I am always eager to find the product that does the job to perfection the first time, reduces frustration, and reduces project time. Customers always remark that their windows have never been cleaner. I say, "they do SPARKLE, don't they?" And I introduce them to your product. Thanks for living up to your name and your claims.
Delphi, IN                                                        
First I have to say I have been using Sparkle for more than 25 years and will use nothing else!!! A little trick for guaranteed streak free glass...after you spray Sparkle on the surface wipe the entire area to be cleaned with your bare hand then with your "wet" towel and finish with a "dry" towel to buff the glass to a flawless, crystal clear window, mirror, etc.
I don't know why it works for sure, but the bare hand technique seems to break the residue loose from the glass, especially on heavily smoke filmed windows. I know it sounds too simple, but it works like a charm, every time, just like Sparkle ! ! !
Ankeny, IA                                                                        
Sparkle is the absoulte best glass cleaner that I have ever used. I ran out and since it's not available everywhere I bought another brand...big mistake!!! I miss my Sparkle!

Rising Sun, IN                                                   
I purchased sparkle class cleaner, and i was very happy i did. I have purchased many other brands, and it didn't do the job. when I purchaed sparkle it did the job, and more. I have had people to ask me what did I use to get my glass so clean, I share with them sparkle glass cleaner.

Thank you for producing a product that works.
Chicago, IL                       
THANK YOU for making a wonderful product. We have a beautiful mirror that hangs in our hallway. Nothing could remove the streaks that seemed to have appear on it overnight. Then, I remember my mother telling me about Sparkle Glass Cleaner. I looked and looked and finally found it at Meijer's and used it on my mirror. What a surprise when the Sparkle cleaner removed the streaks! I use it faithfully now on all my glass. I appreciate your product.
Terry King
Clarkston, MI
Wonderful Product. I had been looking for this product for a while now, and was glad I finally found it. I found it at a Meijers store in Richmond Kentucky. My mother used this product when I was growing up and it made her mirrors just sprakle and also her windows, and now it is doing the same for mine. I am truly glad I found this product again. I will not be using any other product. Thanks again for a great product.

Liberty, KY
Such a wonderful Product!!! Have used it for over 50 years.
There is no other glass cleaner that does such a good job.
Junction City, WI