Homemade Eyeglass Cleaner for Coated Lenses: How to DIY

Homemade Eyeglass Cleaner for Coated Lenses

Just last week, during an important presentation, I found myself squinting through fingerprints that seemed glued to my lenses.

That’s when I knew I had to find the perfect homemade eyeglass cleaner that’s safe for coated lenses.

After several trials and errors, I discovered a concoction that works wonders without damaging the delicate coating.

In this article, I’ll share a DIY guide on how to make Homemade Eyeglass Cleaner for Coated Lenses.

What is a Homemade Eyeglass Cleaner for Coated Lenses?

A homemade eyeglass cleaner for coated lenses is a cleaning solution made from common household ingredients. It’s designed to be safe for use on lenses with special coatings that can be sensitive to commercial cleaners or harsh chemicals. The goal is to provide a gentle, effective way to clean eyeglasses without risking damage to the coatings that improve vision and protect the lenses.

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Ingredients Required in Making a Homemade Eyeglass Cleaner for Coated Lenses

These are the ingredients required in making a homemade eyeglass cleaner for coated lenses:

  1. Water: It acts as the base of your cleaning solution. Use distilled water for its purity, free from minerals that could leave a residue.
  2. Isopropyl or Rubbing Alcohol helps dry quickly and can help break down oils. It is a common component in many cleaning recipes.
  3. White Vinegar: Ideal for cutting through grease and providing a streak-free finish.
  4. Dish Soap: A drop of liquid dish soap can provide a gentle cleanse without damaging the coating.
  5. Witch Hazel: An alternative to alcohol, it is more gentle and can effectively remove oils and smudges.

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Tools Required

These are the tools required in making a homemade eyeglass cleaner for coated lenses:

  1. Microfiber Cloths: To avoid scratching the lenses, use a soft microfiber cloth. Microfiber cloths are designed for delicate surfaces and can remove smudges and dirt without leaving lint behind.
  2. Spray Bottle: A small spray bottle is perfect for creating and applying your homemade cleaning solution. If it’s been previously used, ensure it’s cleaned out.
  3. Distilled Water: Tap water may contain minerals that can leave residues. Distilled water ensures the solution is pure and free from potential lens-damaging components.
  4. Isopropyl Alcohol: Acting as a disinfectant, isopropyl alcohol can help remove grease and sanitize your glasses. It should be combined with water to make it less harsh on the coatings.
  5. Dish Soap: A mild, liquid drop of dish soap will help break down the lenses’ oils. It’s important to use dish soap without added moisturizers, which can leave a film.

How to Make a Homemade Eyeglass Cleaner for Coated Lenses

Follow these steps to make a homemade eyeglass cleaner for coated lenses:

  1. Prepare the Solution: Add 2 ounces of isopropyl alcohol to the spray bottle. Using a funnel can avoid spills.
  2. Add Water: Pour an equal amount of distilled water into the bottle to dilute the alcohol.
  3. Add Soap: Insert a single drop of dish soap into the mixture. This will serve as a surfactant to remove oils without damaging the coating.
  4. Mix: Cap the spray bottle and gently shake to mix the contents, ensuring the soap is well integrated.
  5. Spray: Spritz a small amount onto the microfiber cloth or one lens at a time.
  6. Clean: Gently wipe the lenses in a circular motion with the cloth until they are clear and streak-free.

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How to Apply a Homemade Eyeglass Cleaner for Coated Lenses

How to Apply a Homemade Eyeglass Cleaner for Coated Lenses

Follow these guidelines to apply a homemade eyeglass cleaner for coated lenses:

  1. Mix a few drops of dish soap with warm water or prepare an eyeglass cleaner spray in a small bottle.
  2. Dip a microfiber cloth into the soapy water or lightly spritz the cleaner onto both sides of the lenses.
  3. Gently wipe the lenses in a circular motion using the dampened cloth, focusing on corners and edges where dirt tends to gather.
  4. Use a separate section of the cloth to clean the frame and nose pads, avoiding transferring oils back onto the lenses.
  5. Inspect the glasses for any remaining smudges or streaks, and if necessary, repeat the cleaning process.
  6. Always use a soft microfiber cloth to prevent scratching the lenses and maintain their quality.

Homemade Eyeglass Cleaner for Coated Lenses Comparison Table

This table compares homemade eyeglass cleaner for coated lenses:

IngredientDish Soap and WaterIsopropyl Alcohol, Water, and Dish SoapWater, White Vinegar, and Isopropyl AlcoholAmmonia, Isopropyl Alcohol
Water (Distilled)YesYesYes 
Dish Soap (Gentle, Liquid)Few drops1 Drop1-2 Drops 
Isopropyl Alcohol (70%) 1 Part1 Part8 oz
White Vinegar  Equal part 
Ammonia   2 oz
Recommended for Anti-Fog  Yes 
Safe for Coated LensesYesYesUse with caution*Yes

Safety and Precautions

These are safety and precaution tips when creating a homemade eyeglass cleaner:

1. Avoid Harmful Substances

  • Alcohol: High concentrations can damage anti-reflective coatings. Opt for an alcohol-free solution if your lenses have protective coatings.
  • Vinegar: While a vinegar-based cleaner can be effective, ensure it is diluted properly, as strong acidity may harm coatings.
  • Ammonia: Found in many window cleaners, ammonia can strip the coating off your lenses.
  • Fabric Softener/Dryer Sheets: Steer clear of these as they can leave a difficult residue to remove.

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2. Choose Safe Alternatives

  • Liquid Soap: A drop of mild dishwashing detergent is recommended for removing oils and grime.
  • Microfiber Cloth: Always use a clean, soft microfiber cloth instead of paper towels to avoid scratches.
  • Distilled Water: Ideal for mixing solutions, as tap water may contain minerals that can smear lenses.

3. Use Correctly

  • When applying a cleaner, spray it onto the cloth rather than directly on the lenses to control the amount used and prevent seeping into the frame.
  • Anti-fog Solutions: If you’re making an anti-fog solution, finding a safe and effective formula that won’t harm the lens coatings is pivotal.

4. Reduce Waste

  • Reusable items like microfiber cloths are less wasteful and more lens-friendly than disposable options like paper towels.

FAQs on Homemade Eyeglass Cleaner for Coated Lenses

These are the most frequently asked questions about homemade eyeglass cleaner for coated lenses:

How can I create a homemade lens cleaner that is safe for glasses with special coatings?

To safely clean eyeglasses with special coatings, you can make a solution by mixing distilled water with a few drops of dish soap. Mix without creating too many suds and apply with a microfiber cloth to prevent scratches.

What are the appropriate ingredients for a DIY eyeglass cleaner suitable for anti-reflective lenses?

The ideal DIY cleaner for anti-reflective lenses should contain no harsh chemicals. Distilled water and dish soap combine to ensure the integrity of the coating while providing effective cleaning.

Which substances should be avoided in homemade cleaners to protect the coating on eyeglasses?

To protect the coatings on your glasses, avoid using alcohol, ammonia, bleach, vinegar, or window cleaner. These can deteriorate the coating and cause irreversible damage to your lenses.

Can vinegar be used in a homemade eyeglass cleaner for lenses with coatings?

It’s best not to use vinegar in your homemade cleaner as it may be too acidic for the coatings. Although vinegar is excellent for other cleaning purposes, it’s risky for coated lenses.

How can I clean my coated lens glasses without causing damage to the coating?

To avoid damaging the coating, clean coated lenses using a mild soap solution made with distilled water and dish soap. Use a microfiber cloth in soft, circular motions.

Is it safe to use Dawn dish soap on eyeglasses with a protective coating?

Yes, using a few drops of Dawn dish soap mixed with distilled water is safe for your eyeglasses. It’s gentle enough not to harm protective coatings and effectively cuts through grease and oil.


Homemade eyeglass cleaner for coated lenses presents a compelling alternative for maintaining optical clarity with both efficacy and affordability. By utilizing readily available ingredients and following straightforward procedures, individuals can achieve pristine results without costly commercial products.

Embracing this DIY approach promotes financial savings and ensures consistent cleanliness for coated lenses, thus prolonging their longevity and performance. Incorporating homemade eyeglass cleaner into one’s routine is a practical and beneficial choice, offering a reliable solution for effectively preserving the quality and clarity of coated lenses.