Best Eyeglass Cleaner for Coated Lens: Top 5 Reviews

Best Eyeglass Cleaners for Coated Lenses

That feeling of clarity when you first wear a new pair of glasses with coated lenses is unmatched.

However, the real challenge begins when fingerprints, smudges, and dust inevitably cloud that perfect vision.

Coated lenses require special care, and finding an eyeglass cleaner for them is crucial.

Stick around as we explore the Best Eyeglass Cleaner for Coated Lens.

Top 5 Best Eyeglass Cleaners for Coated Lenses

These are the top 5 best eyeglass cleaner for coated lens:

ProductBrandProduct FormScentSpecific Uses For ProductAlcohol Content
Clearview Lens CleanerOptical SuppliersCreamUnscentedEyewear10% Isopropyl Alcohol
Care Touch Lens Cleaning WipesCare TouchIndividually Wrapped WipesUnscentedEyeglasses, Smartphones70% Isopropyl alcohol
Peeps Carbon Klean Eyeglass Lens CleanerPeepsMicrofiber TechNo ScentEyeglass, GlassAlcohol Free
Zeiss Lens WipesZeissPre-moistened WipesNo ScentGlasses, LensesLess than 6%
Koala Eyeglass Lens CleanerKoala LifestyleLiquidUnscentedCamera, Eyeglass, GlassAlcohol Free

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Best Eyeglass Cleaner for Coated Lens Reviews

These are my reviews of the best eyeglass cleaner for coated lens:

1. Clearview Lens Cleaner:

Clearview Lens Cleaner

Clearview Lens Cleaner by Optical Suppliers is a versatile solution for all your lens cleaning needs making it one of the best eyeglass cleaner for coated lens. Its cream formula ensures a streak-free and anti-static clean, leaving your eyewear, screens, and other optical surfaces crystal clear. With its multi-use capability, this product saves money and hassle, offering a sustainable and cost-efficient option. Including 10% Isopropyl Alcohol ensures thorough cleaning, making it suitable for anti-reflective coated lenses.


  • Versatile formula suitable for a wide range of optical surfaces.
  • Anti-streak and anti-static properties ensure a clear and dust-repellent finish.
  • Cost-efficient gallon-size solution, saving money and reducing waste.
  • Safe for use on AR (anti-reflective) lenses.


  • Specific volume information for the gallon size is not provided.

2. Care Touch Lens Cleaning Wipes:

Best Eyeglass Cleaner for Coated Lens

Care Touch Lens Cleaning Wipes provide convenience and effectiveness in one package. Individually wrapped and pre-moistened, these wipes offer a streak-free formula that dries quickly and is suitable for eyeglasses, smartphones, and other optical surfaces. The 210 wipes in each pack are perfect for on-the-go cleaning, ensuring your lenses stay smudge-free and clear wherever you are.


  • Convenient individual packaging for on-the-go cleaning.
  • The streak-free formula dries quickly and is suitable for multiple optical surfaces.
  • A large sheet count (210 wipes) offers long-lasting usage.
  • Gentle and effective, safe for coated lenses.


  • Limited information was provided on the ingredients and formula composition.
  • It is not specified whether it is suitable for anti-reflective lenses.

3. Peeps Carbon Klean Eyeglass Lens Cleaner:

Peeps Carbon Klean Eyeglass Lens Cleaner

Peeps Carbon Klean Eyeglass Lens Cleaner boasts innovative carbon microfiber technology, promising perfectly clean glasses with each use. Its compact size makes it convenient for travel, ensuring you can clean your lenses anywhere. Touted as the best eyeglass cleaner for coated lens, its promise of 500 uses with the same cleaning kit used by NASA speaks volumes about its effectiveness and durability.

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  • Innovative carbon microfiber technology promises perfectly clean glasses.
  • Compact size for easy portability, ideal for travel.
  • High durability with 500 uses per cleaning kit.
  • No specific scent is suitable for sensitive users.


  • Limited detailed specifications provided.
  • It may not be as convenient for larger optical surfaces.

4. Zeiss Lens Wipes:

Zeiss Lens Wipes

ZEISS Lens Wipes offer a gentle yet effective solution for cleaning glasses and lenses. These pre-moistened wipes are individually wrapped for convenience and are safe for use on lenses with anti-reflective coatings or prescriptions. With a scratch-free guarantee, ammonia, and fragrance-free formula, these wipes ensure your lenses are cleaned without leaving streaks or residue. Available in various counts, it is one of the best eyeglass cleaner for coated lens.


  • Individually wrapped wipes ensure convenience and portability.
  • Safe for use on lenses with anti-reflective coating or prescriptions.
  • Scratch-free guarantee with ammonia and fragrance-free formula.
  • Available in various counts to suit different needs.


  • Alcohol content may be too high for some users’ preferences.
  • Limited information was provided on the exact alcohol concentration.

5. Koala Eyeglass Lens Cleaner:

Koala Eyeglass Lens Cleaner

Koala Eyeglass Lens Cleaner stands out for its obsessively engineered formula and high-quality microfiber cloth. Made in the USA with premium ingredients, this cleaner promises crystal clear vision every time without compromising safety. Free from alcohol, toxic chemicals, and fragrances, it is gentle and safe for all lenses and screens. Moreover, its commitment to quality and performance makes it the best eyeglass cleaner for coated lens.


  • The obsessively engineered formula promises streak-free cleaning.
  • Made in the USA with premium ingredients for quality assurance.
  • Alcohol-free and fragrance-free, gentle and safe for all lenses.
  • Washable and reusable microfiber cloth for long-lasting performance.


  • Specific volume and count information not provided.
  • Limited availability of detailed specifications compared to other products.

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How to Choose the Best Eyeglass Cleaner for Coated Lens

A bottle of eyeglass cleaner sits next to a pair of coated lenses. A soft microfiber cloth is nearby. The label on the bottle reads "Best for Coated Lens."
  1. Verify material compatibility; ensure it’s safe for all parts of your glasses, including frames and accessories.
  2. Choose a fragrance-free formula to avoid unnecessary chemicals.
  3. Consider cleaners with anti-static or anti-fog qualities for added convenience.
  4. Select accessories like a retractable brush to clean nose pads and a microfiber cloth for finishing touches.

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How to Use the Best Eyeglass Cleaner for Coated Lens

Follow these steps to use the best eyeglass cleaner for coated lens:

  1. Prepare Your Tools: Make sure you have a microfiber cloth and eyeglass cleaner designed for coated lenses.
  2. Inspect Lenses: Before cleaning, examine your glasses for any particles or debris that can scratch the lenses during cleaning.
  3. Spray Cleaner: Gently apply a small amount of the cleaner to each lens. Avoid excessive liquid, which can seep into the frames and damage them.
  4. Wipe Gently: With the microfiber cloth, softly rub the cleaner over the lens in a circular motion. Extend to the frame where oils from the skin can accumulate.
  5. Rinse If Required: Some cleaners suggest rinsing with water after application. Hold glasses under a gentle stream of lukewarm water if directed by the product instructions.
  6. Dry Lenses: Carefully dab (do not rub) the lenses with a clean section of the microfiber cloth. Ensure the lenses are completely dry before wearing your glasses again.

How to Maintain Your Eyeglass Cleaner for Coated Lens

A bottle of top-rated eyeglass cleaner sits next to a pair of coated lenses on a clean, white surface. The label prominently displays the product's ranking as the best for coated lenses

These are ways to maintain your eyeglass cleaner for coated lens:

1. Daily Care:

  • Rinse your eyeglasses under lukewarm water before applying cleaner. This prevents particles from scratching the lens.
  • Apply a small amount of a gentle lens cleaning solution to your lenses. Using products not designed for optical lenses can strip away the coating.

2. Weekly Maintenance:

  • Check the expiration date on your lens cleaner. Expired solutions can be less effective or potentially harmful.
  • Inspect the spray nozzle or pump for clogs to ensure an even application of the cleaner every time.

3. Storage Tips:

  • Keep your lens cleaner in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
  • Ensure the cap or lid is securely fastened to prevent the solution from evaporating or leaking.

4. Microfiber Cloth Care:

  • Wash your microfiber cloth regularly in cold water and let it air dry. Do not use fabric softeners, as they can leave a residue that may smear your lenses.

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FAQs on the Best Eyeglass Cleaner for Coated Lens

These are the most frequently asked questions about the best eyeglass cleaner for coated lens:

What cleaning solutions are recommended for anti-reflective coated eyeglasses?

To prevent damage to anti-reflective coated eyeglasses, it is recommended to use cleaning solutions free from alcohol and ammonia. Solutions like Dawn dish soap are often endorsed for their gentle cleaning properties.

Which cloth material is best for cleaning lenses with a protective coating?

A microfiber cloth with a protective coating is ideal for cleaning lenses, as it is designed to be non-abrasive and not scratch the delicate surface.

How should eyeglasses with coated lenses be properly cleaned to avoid damage?

To clean coated lenses without causing damage, rinse them with lukewarm water, then use a small amount of suitable lens cleaner or dish soap, gently rub the lenses with clean fingers, rinse thoroughly, and dry with a microfiber cloth.

Are there any specific brands of lens cleaners safe for coated eyeglass lenses?

Specific brands, such as Prospek Lens Cleaner, are recommended for coated lenses, which are touted for their effectiveness without leaving stains or residue.

Can I use a spray cleaner on my coated eyeglass lenses, and if so, which one?

Yes, you can use a spray cleaner on coated lenses. Choose specially formulated sprays for coated eyeglasses, as aggressive chemicals can damage the coating.

How can I ensure the cleaner I use will not strip the coating off my lenses?

To ensure the cleaner does not strip the coating of your lenses, opt for cleaners specifically labeled as safe for coated lenses and avoid products containing alcohol, ammonia, or other harsh chemicals.


Whether dealing with fingerprints, smudges, or everyday dust, having the best eyeglass cleaner for coated lenses can make all the difference. From my personal experience, I’ve seen how these cleaners can restore clarity and keep your glasses looking as good as new. Remember to choose a gentle yet effective cleaner, and always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the best results. With the right cleaner, you can enjoy a crystal-clear view every day. Here’s to seeing the world through sparkling lenses!